My Favorite Disney Merchandise

Merchandise is a major part if the Walt Disney Company and there are a wide change of products to choose from.

Anyone can say that their favorite Disney merchandise is their first plush or a t-shirt of their favorite character, but my favorite merchandise is a major milestone in the company heritage.
Image   Image

Yes, the Mickey watch is my favorite piece of merchandise. Not only does it feature the original mouse, but it serves a useful function as a watch.
It was also the Mickey Mouse watches that brought the company out of bankruptcy at one time. In the 1930s, during the wide spreading sensation of Mickey Mouse, the public demand was for more and more Mickey. The image of mickey mouse was licensed and used on many different types of merchandise, including alarm clocks and lunch boxes, but the signature mickey watch with Mickeys arms as the hour and minute hands started it all.

Kay Kamen had a big part of getting Mickey watches manufactured in 1933 and allowing the company to stay afloat and expand into another division, i.e. consumer products.

The Mickey watch is unlike any other piece of Disney merchandise and I got mine while on the Disney College Program where I worked at One Man’s Dream. Needless to say, I enjoy when current merchandise reflects the original products and embodies Disney heritage.
What is your favorite Disney merchandise? (link to the Disney Store, click on the photos)

Imagineers Bring Full 3D Audio-Animatronics to Life at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

I am super excited about the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction! I think Walt would be really proud of how new technology and innovation is joining forces with his original creativity. Back in the late 30s and 40s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” was a sensation and I think this attraction will be a reminder of how truly incredible the film is, not only as a story, but as a milestone in animation and entertainment history.

Frozen Storyboard Panel at WonderCon

Frozen is truly an epic movie that will be references and cherished until the end of time. The messages, morals, and values it portrays are universal, however the film is still unique in its own way.

Those at WonderCon this past weekend got to hear from a panel of Frozen story board artists. They discussed the ways in which the story progressed and changed and how crucial alterations to original concepts shifted the tone of the film completely.

For those who could not attend WonderCon here is a summary of the panel from


DCP Regrets

I don’t regret anything from my DCP (spring advantage 2013).

However, if I had to pick something I would say that I regret not keeping a diary or journal. I have a ton of pictures of all the amazing experiences, but I do wish I had written down all of my emotions and thoughts along the way.

Word of advice to future CPs. Do everything, explore everything, and document everything, whether through pictures, journals, blogs, of videos. Make sure you have something tangible to look back on to remember the roller coaster of emotions you will experience.

And this could also lead to more creative things like scrapbooks, vlogs, etc..

I’m still working on my DCP scrapbook, but it’s going to be awesome and although I didn’t keep a journal, I have other memorabilia from the program that I will cherish forever.

How To: Palm Cross

It’s Palm Sunday! And for any Catholics who went to Mass this morning and got palms, it can be challenging to find a special place for your palms. One of my favorite memories is making palm crosses with my grandma after church. So we are going to go through step by step how to make a palm cross! =)


1) First, you need to take two equally sized palms trimmed and clean of any splitting ends.


2) Next, cross two ends on top of one another about an inch from the top. And fold the ends down.

photo2          photo1 (1)            photo4 (3)

3) Fold the square you created down and fold the right piece behind the square so that the square is toward your right side.

photo3 (1)          photo2 (1)          photo1 (2)

4) Then take the piece you folded behind the square and bring it toward the front and put through the slit at the front of the square. The square should then be secure and toward your left side.

photo5            photo4 (1)          photo2 (2)

5) Now is the fun part! Take the piece you secured through the slit and loop it forward and bring the end through the slit again.Continue looping the piece through the slit creating a bow shape.

photo1 (3)          photo4 (2)

6) Now, take the bottom piece and do the same step but loop it up through another slit behind the square.

photo2 (3)          photo1 (4)

7) Continue doing this until all the ends are hidden and you reach your desired size and shape.

photo3 (3)       photo2 (4)

Your cross is complete!


Now you can take you palm cross and place them around your house, in your car, or give them to a loved one. Happy Palm Sunday! =)

photo4          photo1 (5)