Disney Management Internship: First Week

This first week has been hectic, but really great! Check-in was a easy and effortless, which is no surprise when cast members like Randy are organizing everything. There was also a welcome event for all MIs which was alot of fun. We were able to meet our leaders and other leaders throughout property. And every time someone would speak to us it was always congratulatory and it was evident that this was a pretty big deal and that the next great disney leaders were in this room! =)

I was able to bypass Traditions because I had completed the college program last year and I was able to get my ID and pick up costumes for my on the job training, which starts tomorrow.

Today, I had a “Welcome to Operations” class at Disney University. I really enjoyed it and it just reiterated how important everyone’s role is and how all operations roles have a direct impact on the guest experience.

I am extremely excited to start the real training and start my leadership classes, which I’m sure will be really inspiring and motivating. =)



One of the highlights to this weekend was shopping for professional clothes for my MI. I have a few dress shirts and black dress pants, but need alot more since I will be in non-costume Disney Look almost everyday. I got a really nice Lauren Conrad jacket that is so comfortable! I also got some nice shirts and awesome shoes. It seems than many managers wear flats and small heels, so I got nude colored 2 inch heels and plain back as well. Next weekend I’m going to look for skirts, more pants, and flats. Ekk! This is so exciting!!!

This week has been so surreal! And I found a roommate! =) It’s kind of nerve racking to lease an apartment for the first time on my own and having to worry about paying rent, utilities, etc..but it’s going to be an adventure!


It’s official! I was accepted for a Management Internship (Animal, Science, Environment Operations) with Disney! This is such a dream come true! I still cannot believe it.

I think that I am most excited about starting this new chapter of my life and creating a professional career in my field with the company I love!

For those of you wondering, I applied 1/28, interviewed on 3/26, accepted on 4/4.

Now it’s time to find an apartment and a roommate!

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