Captain Jack Disneybound!

I had so much fun disneybounding as Jack Sparrow last week! It was fun to see all the looks I was getting because disneybounding is not as popular in WDW as it is in DL. There was only one person, who was a cast member at the new Marketplace Co-op, that recognized my bound. lol But I think most people got it. I wore a white tank-top with a dark vest, gray/green shorts, combat boots, my pirate necklace, and to top it all off a red bandanna.


If you don’t know what a disneybound is check out, but it’s basically wearing regular clothes that you own or can buy at the mall and theming your outfits based on disney characters. Its alot of fun and a great way to change up your park visits. =D

I am definitely going to disneybound more often and hopefully it will get more popular in WDW. But it is still always fun to be creative and think of new fun and different disneybounds!


How To: Palm Cross

It’s Palm Sunday! And for any Catholics who went to Mass this morning and got palms, it can be challenging to find a special place for your palms. One of my favorite memories is making palm crosses with my grandma after church. So we are going to go through step by step how to make a palm cross! =)


1) First, you need to take two equally sized palms trimmed and clean of any splitting ends.


2) Next, cross two ends on top of one another about an inch from the top. And fold the ends down.

photo2          photo1 (1)            photo4 (3)

3) Fold the square you created down and fold the right piece behind the square so that the square is toward your right side.

photo3 (1)          photo2 (1)          photo1 (2)

4) Then take the piece you folded behind the square and bring it toward the front and put through the slit at the front of the square. The square should then be secure and toward your left side.

photo5            photo4 (1)          photo2 (2)

5) Now is the fun part! Take the piece you secured through the slit and loop it forward and bring the end through the slit again.Continue looping the piece through the slit creating a bow shape.

photo1 (3)          photo4 (2)

6) Now, take the bottom piece and do the same step but loop it up through another slit behind the square.

photo2 (3)          photo1 (4)

7) Continue doing this until all the ends are hidden and you reach your desired size and shape.

photo3 (3)       photo2 (4)

Your cross is complete!


Now you can take you palm cross and place them around your house, in your car, or give them to a loved one. Happy Palm Sunday! =)

photo4          photo1 (5)