My Movie Obsession..

For some reason I have been obsessed with the 1997 Cinderella on the Wonderful World of Disney with Brandy.
The songs have been stuck in my head and I’ve watched it every night for the past week.

This is probably one of my favorite versions of Cinderella, I also love the 1665 version with Lesley Ann Warren. My mom would sing “Ten Minutes Ago” all the time. =)

I don’t know when this Cinderella bug will go away, but it is in my head all the time. The cast is amazing and so talented! I can watch it over and over and over again and never get sick of it. I am also obsessed with the orchestra version of “Ten Minutes Ago.” So beautiful!

Gonna wait it again…hahahaha


9 Strange Things Disney Cast Members Learn to Do

Disney to Infinity and Beyond

(This is an article I found, written by Amy Ziese. It was posted on We did not write this and do not take credit for it.)

Working as a Cast Member helps you hone some unusual skills you might not get anywhere else.

Every Disney Cast Member learns the basics of doing the Disney point, navigating the parks, and interacting with guests during their training. However, there are many other skills that Cast Members tend to pick up on the job. Things you might not consider to be terribly useful in everyday life often turn out to be very handy when you?re dealing with thousands of theme park guests on a daily basis. Here are some of the stranger things that Cast Members often learn to do.

9. Sense Nausea from Great Distances

Cast Members who work on rides with a motion sickness warning tend to hone this skill…

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Captain Jack Disneybound!

I had so much fun disneybounding as Jack Sparrow last week! It was fun to see all the looks I was getting because disneybounding is not as popular in WDW as it is in DL. There was only one person, who was a cast member at the new Marketplace Co-op, that recognized my bound. lol But I think most people got it. I wore a white tank-top with a dark vest, gray/green shorts, combat boots, my pirate necklace, and to top it all off a red bandanna.


If you don’t know what a disneybound is check out, but it’s basically wearing regular clothes that you own or can buy at the mall and theming your outfits based on disney characters. Its alot of fun and a great way to change up your park visits. =D

I am definitely going to disneybound more often and hopefully it will get more popular in WDW. But it is still always fun to be creative and think of new fun and different disneybounds!

Skincare in the Florida Sun =)

The sun is extremely strong in Florida and I have been trying different skincare routines to reduce breakouts and protect my skin from the harsh UV rays.

My saving grace has been the Sephora Flawless Moisturizing Lotion SPH 15!

This stuff is awesome, it is a great moisturizer, especially for my dry skin, but its not greasy and it has SPF. It’s light weight and free of parabens, and doesn’t clog my pores.


I normally use the Sephora Moisturizing Serum, but since I’m in the sun all day having a moisturizer with SPH has been great! I have notices a difference in my skin when compared to just using sunblock/lotion.

In the morning I wash/cleanse my face then apply this all over my face and down my neck, then continue with my normal makeup routine.

Hopefully I will find more great products to help my skin and hair survive the hot sun. =)

Disney Management Internship: First Week

This first week has been hectic, but really great! Check-in was a easy and effortless, which is no surprise when cast members like Randy are organizing everything. There was also a welcome event for all MIs which was alot of fun. We were able to meet our leaders and other leaders throughout property. And every time someone would speak to us it was always congratulatory and it was evident that this was a pretty big deal and that the next great disney leaders were in this room! =)

I was able to bypass Traditions because I had completed the college program last year and I was able to get my ID and pick up costumes for my on the job training, which starts tomorrow.

Today, I had a “Welcome to Operations” class at Disney University. I really enjoyed it and it just reiterated how important everyone’s role is and how all operations roles have a direct impact on the guest experience.

I am extremely excited to start the real training and start my leadership classes, which I’m sure will be really inspiring and motivating. =)

First visit to Disneyland!

I recently got back from my visit to California, which was absolutely incredible! I went to Disneyland for the first time!!!!! Needless to say it was magical! =D

photo 3 (2)     photo 3

I had tears while walking down main street. It was surreal to see the original theme  park that Walt build from the ground up. I knew it was smaller than the Magic Kingdom but it didn’t feet underwhelming or small it was actually cozy and warm…it felt like home. The general atmosphere was more like hanging out with friends than a “vacation,” which was nice. And one of the greatest moments was seeing the light above the Disneyland Fire Dept.

photo 2 (3)

Since it was my first visit to Disneyland, I had to Disneybound. So we disneybounded as Anna and Elsa and waited 3 hours to meet them, but is was so worth it. They didn’t just love and shove like we thought but they spend a while with us talking and sharing stories with us. I loved them!!!!!


We saw World of Color which was amazing!!! And we had great viewing because we did the Carthay Circle three-course dining special. =)

photo 1 (3)    10401867_10201392558929997_1536334485437439915_n

Another really special moment was when we met Sarah and Leo. They were so nice and it was awesome to finally meet them in person! =)


We went on Radiator Springs Speed Racers and it was SO MUCH FUN! I loved it and our car won!!! hahaha We saw the Aladdin show as well and the genie was so funny!

photo 4 (3)  photo 1

We also had lunch at the Blue Bayou Restaurant and it was delicious! I had jumbo for the first time and it was soooo good!!!!!!!!!!! I could have eaten an whole pot full! And right next tot he restaurant was the entrance to Club 33! One day I’ll go inside! One day!

photo 1 (2)   983704_10201392548609739_3438300671355797279_n

I also love Soundsational!!!!!!! One of my favorite parades! And I loved Toon Town! I remember when it was still in Disney World and it was so fun to see Minnie and Pluto walking around without forming a line for pictures or crazy people chasing them. They just walking around and had fun! It was so cool!

10152565_10201392548569738_3084289736304011632_n   photo 3 (4)   photo 4 (4)

Overall Disneyland and California Adventure were AMAZING and it was so humbling to see everything and truly appreciate the opportunity I’ve been giving through the professional internship, which btw..starts next week!!  =D

I can’t wait to go back and visit again!

photo 2 (2) photo 3 (3) photo 3 (5) photo 4 photo 5

Dan Cockerell was a CP!

I finally got a chance to watch the re-dedication of Disney’s Hollywood Studios on May 1, 2014.
It was really heart-warming to see all the studios cast members there celebrating, since I did my college program in Hollywood Studios! =)

Did you know, Dan Cockerell, VP of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, started his Disney career as a CP at the Contemporary Resort.

They also had all the cast members who were at the original opening of the park in 1989 and still make the magic everyday. One of those cast members was someone I worked with on my program, John. He was so kind and always had a huge smile on his face.

I think this just goes to show you that if you are dedicated, you can accomplish anything and do what makes you happy.